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Paying for Lessons:
Cost will vary monthly depending on how many weeks are in each month but will always be charged on the 1st of each month. Our pricing is as follows=$31.50/30 min groups, $47.25/45 min groups, $50.40/30 min privates, & $57.75/45 min privates. Registration ($45) will be charged annually per family, not per student. You will be automatically billed monthly. We do not allow paying as you go, you can only do autopay.

We don’t do session based learning. Our lessons are perpetual. However, we switch to outdoors, (all locations), Jun 1 through Sept 30th & indoors, (N. Charleston only), Oct 1-May 30.

Absences & Ending Lessons:
You can drop out anytime after 12 weeks if you submit a 30 day drop request via the iClassPro app. Get Started:
You  then add your kiddo, then click schedule lessons & pick your preferred scheduled. After signing up, please download the iClassPro App on your phone to submit absences, keep up with your schedule, skill progress, and more. Here are some instructions on how to do so!

If you wish to see our schedule before creating an account, you can do so here:

Class Schedule

If you already have an account & wish to book more lessons, you can do so here:

Parent Portal

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We offer perpetual lessons because every person learns at different paces. We believe in giving you or your child at least a 3 month commitment before taking a break or finishing. We also understand that life requires flexibility sometimes. That is why we allow you to give a 2 weeks notice before your bill date to end your lessons after you have been with us for at least 3 months.


Anyone who signs up between August-February is only required to do 12 lessons, not 12 weeks. Your lessons are still booked perpetually and you still need to give a 2 week notice before your next billing date to end your payments and schedule.

Before scheduling:

  1. Narrow down your availability.
  2. Decide how many days you would like to do per week: 1x Good 2x Better 3x Best 4x Accelerated Track.
  3. Choose your class level here.
  4. Let us know your choices from steps 1-3 to get started!
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