Father’s Day is the one day in a year we set aside to appreciate the men in our lives who are dads. Of course, we appreciate them more than once a year, but on Father’s Day, we really want to go out and let them know how much we appreciate all they do for us.
So, how do we show our dads some special love on this day? There are several ways we can do that, but none as special as sharing our most valuable resource with the person: our time. If you’re in Charleston and you’re looking for fun things to do with Dad on Father’s Day, search no more. We’ve lined up some really interesting activities for the wonderful man in your life.

BBQ Together
As we segue into the warmer months in Charleston, bonding over the smoky aroma of barbecued food is a great way to spend Father’s Day. There’s something really appealing about a good BBQ- it probably has something to do with the ancient caveman instinct, still burning deep down in the hearts of men. Ignore this article from the Smithsonian, which argues that it is a relatively modern construct and primarily an American thing. Whatever the case, we know that most Dads will enjoy this is one fun activity, particularly on Father’s Day.
Go out in the Boat
From the ocean to the intracoastal waterway to the rivers to the harbor, Charleston is practically surrounded by water. If Dad has a boat (or if you do), then going out on the water will be an excellent way to spend Father’s Day. The silence and serenity of the water provide a great opportunity to talk or simply bask in each other’s presence. There’s something about being on the water that demands all of a person’s attention so that you’re both present and in the moment.
And, even if you don’t own a boat, Charleston has several boat-rental companies and some really great tours, too. You could always book a private boat ride for the family.

Mustache Competition
The annual Holy City Beard and Mustache Competition is coming up soon. If your dad is the proud owner of a beard or mustache (or just enjoys admiring those of others), then why not sign up for the beard and mustache competition this Father’s Day? This is a great way to do something fun together and create lasting memories for him. And, if he’s someone that’s particularly proud of his ‘stache,’ then you’ve just hit a home run.

Ride Bikes Together
The League of American Bicyclists declared Charleston a bicycle-friendly city several years ago, and it holds true today. The warm weather makes it perfect for riding a bike, and Charleston’s flat landscape is also a huge plus. This Father’s Day, why not grab a couple of bikes and go explore the city together? If you don’t have bikes, not to worry. Holy City Spokes provides a convenient bike share. There are a number of bike routes that provide scenic views of the city, and best of all, you can make it an outing for the entire family.

Find Sharks’ Teeth
No, you don’t have to go all the way to Florida to find some really amazing sharks’ teeth. Charleston has some great fossil hunting spots as well, and Folly Beach is one of our favorites. Some people take fossil hunting pretty seriously, but, even if you’re brand new to finding anything other than sunburns and sand, hunting for shark’s teeth can be a fun Father’s Day activity for everyone. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a shared hobby to carry into the future. If you want to increase your chances of success, book with Charleston Fossil Adventures and make a memory with Dad or the entire family this Father’s Day.
Do an Open Water Swim Together
Despite the depictions in horror movies, there can be something almost blissful about swimming in open water. Open-water swimming is an activity that offers a lot of health benefits, particularly for seniors. It increases the function of the immune system, promotes general well-being, and improves circulation. It also has hydrating benefits on the skin. Besides the health benefits, swimming in open water can have calming effects. This is another fun Father’s Day activity that you can do with dad to create fun and lasting memories.
If you decide on an open water swim with dad, it might be a good idea to first sign up for open-water swimming lessons. There are certain techniques that will maximize your enjoyment and safety during open-water swimming (swimming in a straight line and staying on course, swimming perpendicular to waves, breathing techniques, finding a comfortable rhythm, etc…). All these and more contribute to a successful (and safe) swim on the open water. Check us out at Charleston Swim to gain the necessary skills for open water swimming in a safe and comfortable environment.
Whatever you wind up doing with Dad, have a fun and safe Father’s Day. Go make some memories that will last a lifetime.