We use iClass Pro, an all-in-one system designed to make your experience with Charleston Swim smoother. With iClass Pro, you can:

• Track your child’s progress and skills
• Receive up-to-date information on schedule changes and cancellations
• Schedule lessons effortlessly with a clear view of available slots
• Manage absences and use makeup tokens
• Handle payments and view billing details

Plus, iClass Pro has a user-friendly app for added convenience available on Android and Apple devices.

iClass Pro is available on both Apple and Android devices. To download it from the Apple App Store, click here. To download from the Google Play Store, click here.

We have an annual membership fee of $45 – which covers all swimmers in your family.  This amount is automatically applied upon enrollment and again on your family’s annual anniversary dates.  It’s important to note that the membership fee is non-refundable.

Our teachers use a lightning radar app to ensure safety during lessons. If weather conditions pose a concern, we’ll reach out 30 minutes before your lesson to alert you of changes. While light rain won’t lead to schedule changes, heavy downpours, or lightning within 6 miles of your lesson location will warrant cancellation. Sometimes weather is unpredictable, so the 30-minute warning may not always be possible. If 50% or more of a lesson is affected by weather, we’ll provide a makeup token. Your safety is our priority!

Your tuition is automatically applied through iClass Pro using your preferred debit or credit card. Feel free to update the card whenever needed. The monthly tuition may vary based upon the number of lessons scheduled for that month. Easy and hassle-free!

Everyone learns differently.  Our goal is to ensure learning begins promptly, regardless of season schedules.  For this reason, lessons are ongoing, allowing you to continue until the desired swim goals are achieved.  A commitment of 12 weeks supports new skill development retention with the understanding that learning is a journey that requires time and dedication.

You have the option to join existing groups or create your own with individuals who share a similar age and skill level. If you’d like to create your own group, please reach out to us directly.  Explore available groups by clicking here.

The learning journey varies for each student based on numerous factors. It’s impossible to predict the exact number of lessons needed.  Our teachers provide progress reports after each lesson.  Additionally, skill tracking is available through the iClass Pro app.

Swimmers as young as 2 months old are welcome!  Our classes go beyond typical Mommy and Me groups, providing a more advanced learning experience.

Lessons are free for 2 months- 2.9 months with an auto-enrollment that begins once they turn 3 months old. We encourage parents to reach out when the swimmer is 1 month old in order to book a class to begin when they turn 2 months old.

Frequency of lessons is directly connected to the rate of skill achievement.  There are multiple plans and options available to fit your needs – whether it be the basic one lesson per week or upwards of three lessons per week, we are happy to discuss your family’s goals and create an individualized plan. Should you desire a telephone consultation with a member of our teacher team, we will arrange a time to have your questions answered.  If you have limited time due to vacation or other commitments, consider our crash course option, which lets you fit in as many lessons as you need during your available time.

We have partnerships with several pools across the greater Charleston area. Our pool locations consist of vetted private home pools, community pools, and neighborhood pools – just to name a few. If you’re interested in having us come to your location, send us a text outlining your needs, and we’ll inform you of our availability as well as provide a quote. Please note that there is an extra fee for home sessions.

To reschedule a lesson, a 24-hour notice is required. All absences must be reported via your iClassPro account. Please be sure to have the app downloaded and active.. For instructions on submitting an absence through the app, click here. Membership fees are non-refundable. To maintain a consistent and effective learning environment, we do not offer sick days or roll overs.  In case of inclement weather, a makeup token will be applied to your account for a future lesson, valid for 30 days. Refunds won’t be provided for missed days, including due to weather.  If you are interested in dropping your enrollment prior to the conclusion of your current season, please notify us via the iClass Pro app or by placing a call to the office so that the automatic monthly charge to your preferred card of choice will be removed. We do require a 30-day notice to discontinue enrollment.

Our group lessons typically consist of 1-4 students for children above 3.5 years old. Baby group lessons accommodate 1-6 students in total and require parents to accompany their child in the water.
To find helpful information on how to view and use available makeup tokens in iClass Pro, please click here.