Couples Who Play Together Stay Together


Couples that play together have a higher chance of long-term success. This is something we know intuitively, but somehow after we’ve been together for a while it can be something we take for granted or neglect entirely. Research has shown that shared activities keep relationships alive and promote intimacy between partners.

Couples don’t typically stop having fun overnight, however, there are reasons why over time they no longer share activities together. These range from financial stress to the everyday stress of living together. Besides, studies have shown that there are gender wide differences in shared activities. While men tend to prefer physical activities, women often seek an avenue for sharing thoughts and feelings as a way of bonding. When either partner doesn’t derive fulfilment from the shared activity, he or she can lose interest in doing things together at all.

This does not have to be the case. There are several fun activities that a couple can do together which will incorporate both the need for physical activity and the need to connect emotionally. In this article we’ll explore a number of fun things a couple can do together to keep their relationship fresh, fun, and intimate.


1) Travel

Traveling together is a great way to increase intimacy and bonding between couples, probably because it is one activity that can really put your relationship to the test. Spending so much uninterrupted time with one person has a way of highlighting the best and worst in you both, but if you do survive it, you will have a treasure trove of shared memories.


2) Hiking

If you want to get outdoors, then hiking together is a great idea. Not only will it make you both fitter, but being outdoors alone (just the two of you) will bring you closer and strengthen your relationship. It has a way of clearing your head and your thoughts and enhancing the things you love most about your spouse. Besides, it is a great way to talk and share as you get some physical activity.


3 )Yoga

But what if you just want to stay home or as close to home as possible (like in a gym or studio)? A great activity you can both indulge in is yoga. Although yoga is essentially an individual exercise, it is possible to share this activity with your partner in what is known as couple’s yoga. It gives the couple a way to relate with each other through the poses thereby enhancing intimacy.


4) Meditation

When people think about meditation, they often think of it as a solo activity, however partnered meditation is a great way to enhance relationships between couples. It helps to clear stress between the couple, opens up non-verbal communication pathways and increases intuition as well as compassion between couples. If you are searching for a way to increase bonding and intimacy with your spouse, you can’t go wrong with meditation.


5) Go Extreme

If you need to add some excitement to your relationship, why not try doing something extreme like white water rafting, bungee jumping or skydiving? Facing your fears together, as many daredevils will tell you, spikes endorphins and loosens inhibitions, leaving you open to embrace intimacy with your spouse.


6) Learn a new language

Even if there’s not a daredevil in you, you could keep things grounded by learning a new language together. This shared activity is a lot of fun and a great way to bring you closer. As you learn the new language of your choice, you can share private jokes and text messages in your new language and laugh over mistakes.


7) Massage Therapy

A little luxury therapy can go a long way, and booking a couple’s massage is a great way to share a relaxing, totally enjoyable moment. Want to take things up a notch? Why not sign up for a massage class and learn how to give each other wonderful massages? We don’t need to say how great this is for enhancing intimacy, as it kind of speaks for itself.


8) Take Swimming Lessons

For another new skill, consider taking swimming lessons as a fantastic way to share an activity that will increase bonding. Swimming is a life skill that is not only fun and healthy, but it can go a long way to help couples connect better and enhance intimacy. For couples desiring a physical challenge, Charleston Swim School offers military test preparation and technique training. If something laid-back is a bit more your speed, we also offer relaxation therapy sessions for couples. These are a combination of reiki, meditation, and neuro-linguistic programming. Contact us to find out more.


Regardless of what activities suit you, remember that when couples spend time together sharing fun and making memories, they are more likely to stay together. Think about your past hobbies and interests or those things you’ve always wanted to try but maybe never had a chance to. Finding the right activity can help maintain or reignite that spark all couples need.