Benefits of Becoming a Swim Instructor

If you love swimming and are passionate about helping others become better at what they do, you may want to consider a career as a swim instructor. Wonderful opportunities and tons of potential for personal growth await.

As a swim instructor, you get the flexibility to work both indoors and outdoors in a relaxed environment. The opportunity to determine your own schedule is another huge benefit. Many people choose this field for the sense of purpose it avails: by helping others increase their confidence and safety in the water, swim instructors have fun while making a difference for kids and adults alike.

Joining the Charleston Swim School family provides instructors these benefits and more. Our instructors are better compensated than most. With a $20 base wage, tips, commission, bonuses, and mileage, Charleston Swim School Instructors earn between $21.50 and $30 per hour. As 1099 contractors, our instructors don’t have taxes deducted from their wages and are even able to write some expenses off, such as mileage, sunscreen, bathing suits, a portion of their phone bill, and some other utilities.

By choosing to teach swim lessons, you can create your own schedule and modify it as needed. As a Charleston Swim School instructor, you can even conveniently view your schedule for the entire year via our app, which also allows you to update your availability in real-time. This scheduling flexibility is perfect for those looking for a great summer job or consistent year-round work. Additionally, our swim instructors are assigned to the territory or area of town that is most convenient for them, whether close to their home or other workplace, or to that of a loved one. You never have to worry about venturing far from the comfort of familiar territory. Between the flexibility and familiarity, being a swim instructor with Charleston Swim School fits easily into your life.  


Great wages and flexibility are just the beginning. Many people choose to become swim instructors for the challenge and growth it provides. Charleston Swim School provides our instructors with exceptional training that goes way beyond the pool. These techniques include neuro-linguistic programming, reiki, parent-child interaction therapy, child development, Harvey’s Happiest Baby on the Block method, and (of course!) the most effective methods for teaching swim lessons. We don’t leave our swim instructors alone in times of need either, but look after them when it really counts. We are committed to providing aide-by-aide support for especially challenging students. Our quality training and support enables Charleston Swim School instructors to help their students get better results. We always take note of feedback from both students and swim instructors because we always strive to become better at what we do. According to client reviews, our curriculum gets students results several times faster than that of other swim schools.


When considering a career change, feeling alone in the process (or once at a new job) is common and understandable: change can be scary. At Charleston Swim School, we understand this and work to make the transition onto our team as easy for our swim instructors as possible. The relationship among our team members goes beyond that of mere colleagues: we’re family. As such, we take care of each other. When emergencies happen, we are there to cover for one another and to provide other support as needed. We’re there in times of joy, too, always excited to celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries, children’s birthdays, and other important occasions. We can’t help but have fun whenever we’re together. We even celebrate with food and prizes at team meetings.


All of these contribute to our organization’s constant growth. Since Charleston Swim School’s inception in 2010, we have doubled our student and swim instructor capacity every single year, in some years increasing by as much as 200%. We have a lot to offer, and we believe in always raising the bar. As part of our organizational growth strategy, we invest in the personal growth of our instructors and promote from within. Our instructors go on to become directors and managers.


We are a Christian-owned company. We don’t ask our swim instructors to work on Sundays. We understand the power of words and speak life over and pray for all of our team members and students. Rest assured that whenever you have any personal challenge, we will stand in the gap and pray for you as a family. As a company, we lead with Biblical principles and donate 15% of all gross sales (not just profits) to charity.

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to make some extra money or for a career change, to challenge yourself personally or to grow as part of a team, consider joining the family as a swim instructor at Charleston Swim School. We’re constantly growing and would love to hear from you. Contact us today.