is a local, independent business dedicated to providing exceptional, convenient swim lessons to all ages, including swim lessons for infants, preschoolers, teens, and adults, by using highly qualified, talented instructors teaching out of pools located in Mt. Pleasant, downtown Charleston, Summerville, North Charleston, James Island, and more.


is a local, independent business dedicated to providing exceptional, convenient swim lessons to all ages by using highly qualified, talented instructors teaching out of pools located in your area.


At Charleston Swim we believe in convenience AND quality. Therefore, all of our instructors are trained at the highest levels, integrating Psychology, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Red Cross, Child Development, and more! We offer a do “what ever it takes” level of customer service that surpasses the rest. You receive a detailed progress report after each lesson and every swimming lesson is designed specifically to each individual student’s needs. Have a friend of similar age and skill level? Create a group, split the cost! As with private lessons, in groups each student is individually considered and no time is wasted. For more info or questions call (843) 310-9069

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A local, private company specializing in not just teaching the skill of swimming but living to your fullest potential. Learn about how we got started!

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Private, Group, Adult, Parent and Baby, or Military Test Prep. See what fits your needs best!

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Read the testimonies of adult students, parents of babies, and even kids themselves as they talk about how Charleston Swim has helped them learn how to swim and conquer fear.


We have had a great experience thus far with Charleston Swim. Sarah is my son’s usual teacher. He can talk his way out of anything, but Sarah has been very patient with him while also pushing him. Yesterday, we had a sub, Jane, and while I was hesitant about using a sub at first (due to my son’s “strong willed” personality), Jane was wonderful. My son really bonded with her and her teaching style was great too. I would recommend both Sarah and Jane as instructors.

Amanda P.

I started swim lessons for my son at 7 months old and he loves the water now. He kicks, scoops, and goes under without a problem. We had an amazing teacher, Christine, who pushed him through tears and all. Even other teachers had a great understanding and knowledge. The only suggestion would be for Charleston Swim to get their own pool or location it felt uncomfortable sometimes going to someone’s house to swim. Thank you for teaching my son to love the water.

August C.

I saw notable improvements in my son’s swimming ability over the five private lessons he had with Charleston Swim this past summer. Miss Libby was his instructor and she was great at encouraging him and keeping him engaged in the water. I would definitely recommend Charleston Swim and will likely use them for future lessons.

Phoebe B.

Miss Abbey and Miss Sarah have amazed me with the skills that my daughter is gaining from their instruction at each lesson while making it a super fun and enjoyable experience for both me and her! She has never had a fear of water. They have taught her how to swim and come up for air, to float and how to find safety when she is in the water. They have been working with her to get to the side of the pool and pull herself out without the help of the steps. I am so impressed with the two of them and highly recommend Charleston Swim School!! Thank you so much for the piece of mind that my husband and I continuing to gain when our daughter is around the water!

Emmie W.

We have had a fantastic experience with Charleston Swim School this year for both my 2 yr old and 9 month old. The staff is extremely responsive and our teacher has even tailored instructions for my 2 year old to make her feel more comfortable going under water. We’ve seen huge improvements in a short amount of time and most importantly I feel so much more comfortable having them around the water.

Katie M.

We had a great experience with Charleston Swim this summer! Our instructor Sarah was absolutely wonderful with our four-year-old and two-year-old. We can’t wait to have lessons again next summer!

Kuker Family
All around all if the instructors are great. I’m bragging on Vicky because she is the one that works with my kids. She is nothing short of awesome and very easy to talk to. She works with a positive attitude and a smile every time we see her. Jerrica in the office is very professional with returning and answering calls. Definitely would recommend to anyone.

Tavish R.

We love Charleston Swim!! We started private lessons in July and I’m amazed at the progress our daughter has made with her swimming! She loves it and loves her instructor, Mabry. She tells me it’s the favorite part of her week.

Racheal J.

This was the first time taking my Grandson to his swim lesson and boy was I impressed! Sarah made the lesson fun and was so positive with him! He has gotten more confident and he feels very comfortable in the water! We can’t believe the progress he has made in just a few short weeks! I highly recommend Sarah for anyone needing swim lessons!

Barb H.

Christine with Charleston Swim School has been wonderful with my very strong willed 2.5 year old. Christine is the perfect balance of patience and persistence, which is just my what little girl needs! We have only had 6 or so lessons with her so far and I have already seen an improvement with my child’s ability to follow instructions and willingness to learn. I know that our continued lessons will greatly improve confidence in and out of the water. I’m very grateful for Christine and I know it’s only a matter of time before my little one will be swimming like a fish!

Brittany G.