Charleston Swim

Where are the lessons held?

We are currently implementing new district pools! Each area of Charlestom will have a local pool conveniently located to you!

How often should we do lessons?

We recommend doing as many lessons as you can per week until you reach your goals. There is no minimum amount you have to do. Our recommendation is 3-4/week.

How Old?

3 months-adult. We recommend that anyone under 3 years old should be accompanied by a parent in the pool. Our parent-child lessons focus on developing life saving skills while getting comfortable in the water. The class is more advanced then most Mommy and me groups.

How long will it take to learn?

The learning curve on every student is different and dependent on many variables. There is no way to tell how many lessons a student will need. However, the instructor will give a progress report at the end of each lesson and an in depth report at the end of each session.

How do I make a group?

We encourage students to collaborate together with friends and family to form groups. Some Moms find success forming groups on facebook by posting to see if anyone if interested.

Can I join a group?

Yes. If you do not have anyone in mind to create a group, we can put you on the list to join others in your area within your skill level.

How Can I Pay?

All clients must register through our mindbody software and add a debit or credit card that will be charged after each lesson. You may tip your instructor via your card after the lesson is over.

What if the weather is bad?

All of our instructors have a lightening radar & will let you know if it is unsafe to do your lesson. We will contact you 1 hour before the lesson and decide whether it is safe 30 minutes before. We do not cancel for light rain.